Why Choose This Studio?

Exceptional Teachers 

The teachers at Let’s Dance are experienced and professional members of the competitive dance community. The studio director has 22 years of instruction experience, boasts a range of certifications and leads a staff of passionate instructors with skills in a wide range of genres. These skills and experience allow the team at Let’s Dance to provide top rate instruction to the competitive, pre-competitive and recreational companies equally. Let’s Dance is known for its high level of technique and innovative choreography. It is a tribute to the teaching staff that they are.

The Studio 

The new studios of Let’s Dance have 4 classrooms with professional sprung wooden floors (much better for shock absorption to cushion the impact from jumping), large mirrors, terrific floors (not slippery and professionally installed for dance) and terrific sound systems provided by some of the best acoustics manufacturers in the industry. The air conditioned facilities have lots of parking and a comfortable reception area for parents to wait for their dancers.

Age Appropriate 

While it might seem like a common-sense thing to mention, it is not always the case. Choreography at all levels is always considered when a number, the music and the costumes for it are created.

A Competitive Studio 

It is our philosophy that a performing art can only realize its full level of art, expression and beauty when the dancer presents their full capabilities to others, for themselves and, when striving to be the best they can be. Competitions are serious and they are also tremendous fun! They are the culmination of months (years) of training and commitment. That feeling of performing your chosen art is also a time of great personal expression and personal growth that builds a person with fantastic life skills, an understanding of teamwork, focus and dedication. Not everyone wants to compete and that is okay...all our students get the same high level of teaching regardless of whether they are competitive, pre-competitive or recreational dancers.


So many choices ! Let’s Dance is not just about one style of dance but, about many. Jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, modern, acro... it is all offered. There are also choices of levels where a student can choose between recreational dancing, pre-competitive or competitive. Some competitive dancers are also considered for extra numbers if the staff, student and parents are interested in adding solos, duets, small groups or trios and if the teaching staff feel the dancer is ready for that. Such variety keeps dance interesting and leads to a more well-rounded artist as they develop their dance skills and expression.