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Frequently AskeD Questions

How old do you have to be to start dance?
Students can begin dancing as early as age 2. Weekly class lengths are shorter and not as frequent for very young children and, skill development moves at an age appropriate pace.

Can my child change classes if she/he doesn’t like it?
Yes the fees are based on the number of hours danced therefore, students can move to a different

dance form if they wish.

How long is your dance year?
The dance season runs like a school year. Start up in is September and finishes the 2nd week of June.
There is a 2 week break at Christmas break and 1 week in March during the school break.

If I sign up for dance, am I bound for the whole year?
No. Our terms are paid monthly. If you choose to stop, you can simply let us know before

the next month starts, though we'll be sad to see you go! 

If my child is sick or if we go on holidays do we still pay for that class?
Yes, classes are paid for on a monthly basis, so missed classes will not be refunded. However,

classes cancelled due to extreme weather closures will be made up where possible!

What should my child wear?
For all dance forms we require proper attire. No jeans or street clothes are allowed. If your child is taking ballet, a bodysuit and ballet shoes are required. For jazz, the little ones can wear shorts and a t-shirt, or spandex attire. They will go barefoot and bare legs. Hip hop attire is track pants and t-shirts or tank tops with indoor running shoes. Hair needs to be pulled back either in a bun or ponytail for safety.

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Is it mandatory to participate in the year end show?
Yes it is as your group needs you in the place you've been learning all year! This gives parents an opportunity to see the progression of their child, as well as allowing the child to experience a live stage performance! It is an exciting show and a lot of fun!

Can we watch the class?
Students focus and learn better when their parents are not in the room. However, at the beginning of each tuition month we allow a viewing week where parents have the opportunity to come into the class and see their child's progress. Viewing weeks run from September to January. From February to June there are no further viewing classes so that the teacher and students can begin working on choreography for the Year End Recital!

When it’s winter where should my shoes go, why can’t I walk in with my shoes?
This is for safety for yourself and for your children so that they do not slip on wet floors. There are mats in the lobby for parents, students and guests to put their boots.

My Child has a nut allergy, do you have policies regarding food allergies?
Absolutely!  We do not allow any form of nut into the studio.

If my child wants to be competitive, what do I need to do?
If you are interested in our competitive program you need to let your child’s instructor know so that, as a teaching panel, we can evaluate your child in his/her performance in the classes.

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